The Promise of Extinction

Alien Sky (anthology released by Another Sky Press)

This Old Man

published in Slit Your Wrists! Magazine

Love in the Age of Supercolliders

published over on AntipodeanSF


published on 101 Fiction


published on 101 Fiction

Give me Liberty or Give me Death

Forging Freedom (anthology released by Freedom Forge Press)

Waiting for the Sun

for the Tiny Owl Workshop PILLOWFIGHT!

He Need Wait No Longer

is being printed on napkins by Tiny Owl Workshop

in Brisbane, Manchester, Leeds and Toronto

I am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds

[INSERT COIN HERE] (anthology)


100 Doors to Madness (anthology)

Upward, Ever Upward

100 Worlds (anthology)


Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories (anthology by BWWP Publishing)

Bend to the Fields

1 x 50 x 100 

The Sky Tore

published by Horrified Press

Writing Steampunk

As part of the Steampunk University Series

Slumpunk: Coaldust & Consumption; or, The Storm Inside the Silver Lining

As part of the Steampunk University Series

Comments and criticism always welcome!

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