Finding Edo, the City Lost Beneath Tokyo

Non-fiction, on Atlas Obscura


On 101Fiction

Point of Difference

On Revolt Daily

Tanuki the Tipsy Trickster: Why a Well-Endowed Raccoon-Dog is Big in Japan

Non-fiction, on Atlas Obscura

They Call Me Oberon

Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales anthology

Jaffa Books

I’m Big in Australia: The Concrete Giant Obsession Down Under

Non-fiction, on Atlas Obscura

Scavenger Cities

Non-fiction, on Atlas Obscura


Flash fiction on 101 Fiction


Flash fiction on 101 Fiction

Navigating the Tokyo Labyrinth Through Its Robots and Giant Spiders

Non-fiction, on Atlas Obscura



Also interesting, and involving me: I wrote the back-story for a dark fantasy/new weird shared world anthology, to be published in a myriad of ways by Tiny Owl Workshop. The project is called The Lane of Unusual Traders.



 It Has Teeth

Neon & Blood anthology

the STATIC Movement


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