Women Destroy Science Fiction

This month’s issue of Lightspeed Magazine (an awesome science fiction magazine) is called Women Destroy Science Fiction. It’s only $3.99 as an ebook, and at around $12 as a paperback from Amazon. The issue, that the issue deals with, is that all too persistent insistence (and reason why I’ve dedicated 2014 to reading mostly women) that women don’t write science fiction. That to “Put a little more rudely, this rumbling says: “Those damn women are ruining science fiction.” They are doing it by writing stuff that isn’t “real” science fiction; they are writing “soft” science fiction and fantasy.” —Pat Murphy, Wiscon 15,March 2, 1991. (quote stolen from Lightspeed Mag)

I’m going to be reading it as soon as I finish Wolf Hall – and they’ve put a whole heap of the stories up for free on their website, stories by brilliant science fiction writers like Seanan Mcguire, James Tiptree Jr, Charlie Jane Anders and Sarah Pinkser, amongst many, many others.

Here’s the link to the free flash: http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/women-destroy-flash-fiction/

And here are the free short stories: http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/


Comments and criticism always welcome!

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