Update – The Lane of Unusual Traders

It’s nearly time for The Lane of Unusual Traders submissions to open, and I’m not the only one getting excited! Here’s the Tiny Owl Workshop’s update on the project:

Tiny Owl Workshop

The Lane of Unusual Traders opens 31 May 2014. It’s a world building project which invites writers to write the world of Midlfell into being, starting with a lane in a city called Lind.

We invited short story author and avid book reviewer, Chris White, to pen the prologue to help set the scene, and the ever amazing Terry Whidborne turned cartographer and produced a gorgeous map to help orient writers to the task.

Local artists Lauren Carney and Simon Cottee also jumped on board to create some wonderful illustrations to help fire the imagination.

Like Unfettered, submissions will be open, but this time writers will have three options: submit a flash fiction story; submit a short story; or pitch an idea.

There’ll be a little more soon over on the WritersBloc blog. If we don’t see you there we’ll see you at tinyowlworkshop.com on 31 May.


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