The Dragon Answered

Sunday Sketch 7 - Terry Whidborne

Sunday Sketch 7 – Terry Whidborne

He saw the huge eyes – opalescent, hypnotic, burning  – flicker open and knew it was too late. The beast twisted its serpentine neck and stared down its long muzzle. The stink of musk flooded the air. It shivered, shook itself beneath the dying, burnt-orange sky.

He tried to avoid its gaze,  eyes downcast beneath the latticework steel and filigreed bronze visor of his helmet. He knew it marked him out as a dragonslayer.

The dragon knew it too.

“What now?”

The dragon answered, with a click of her jaws and a snort of derision.


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4 thoughts on “The Dragon Answered

  1. The Manoj Arora says:

    Fantastic! Well written. I’m still amazed at how much can be said in so little words. Keep it up. By the way…

    I write too. Please do read mine (short story) when u have the time:

  2. Oh, she’s just gorgeous. I love the detail of the musky smell, especially.

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