She Waits

…the night train – image by Z-GrimV

You can’t escape her.

She waits in the shadows.


She could snatch away your last breath, in an instant.

She doesn’t.

She waits.

So hide away, from those things you wish you knew.

Hope she doesn’t notice you.

And if she does, she can wait.

Until you are alone, until you are afraid.

You can’t escape her.

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5 thoughts on “She Waits

  1. Lucy says:

    I really shouldn’t read your stuff in the quiet of the late night, just before going to bed. You sufficiently scared me with Nasty, Brutish etc. You know how to write. Lucy

  2. You manage to frighten without ever specifying what we should be frightened of – a nameless fear. Ah – things you wish you knew! Nice use of prompt.

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