Revenge – Kakotomirai

An alien! The first, ever! It appeared, early one morning, or the night before, floating serene, above the city. Its tail disappeared up, into the clouds that swam around it, swanlike, drifting in the breeze, buffeting against the vast bulk of the creature. It just hung there, opalescent, non-responsive.

Not even the missiles could awaken it – that was dangerous, but it never pays to argue with military men. Puckered, blue rosebuds flowered on its hide, illuminated by orange-red blooms of flame, and black pillars of smoke rising into the sky. The beast just floated, suspended in mid-air, impossible.

The excitement wore off – which seemed unimaginable, at first, as people stopped in the streets and craned their necks skyward, as they flooded the city from around the world, desperate to see, to stare, to imagine. They left, eventually.

The colossus just hung in the sky, not moving.

Life went on – what else could we do?

Life went on, until it fell from the sky, crushing mirrored-glass and supporting steel and feeble, human bodies.

The dissectionists swarmed in, carving chunks of flesh, purple  and black, the white skin peeling back to reveal the foul-smelling meat. Some said it tasted delicious – but whether they could be believed, and where they had eaten it, how they had prepared it was beyond me. They added some illegal spice to their lives, to save their squandered vision of the world.

They built a memorial park on the site, its bones sunken into the concrete, emitting a curious whistling hum. The vibrations rose through those buildings standing nearby a subsonic shout or scream.

Another beast appeared, wailing high-pitched promises from the sky.

Its mother, here for revenge.

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4 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. Stephanie says:

    I like that nothing happens at first. And the reaction of the people just makes sense. The first two lines give such a great sense of the voice, too.

    • Thanks Steph – I’ve been thinking, even though it would be amazing if a gigantic alien just appeared in the sky, that people would have to just keep on keeping on. And then what happens?

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  3. Tessa says:

    Beware of mama 🙂 Great story!

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