Book Review: The Shining Girls, Lauren Beukes

I just destroyed this novel. I picked it up last night and tore through it. It’s a great read – it follows a murder, and a girl who should have been murdered. He left her for dead, he eviscerated her and cut her throat – if it weren’t for her dog Tokyo, things would have gone according to plan.

And the plan is circular. The plan is death.

Harper hunts through time for his ‘shining girls’, with the help of a house for which a first, random murder gives him the key in the pocket of a stolen jacket. The house lures him nearer, calling out to him. An upstairs room in particular, decorated with the trophies of murders he has yet to commit. He needs to cut the shine out of them.

“It’s not my fault. It’s yours. You shouldn’t shine. You shouldn’t make me do this.”

I really enjoyed The Shining Girls, it is gripping and intense, the sort of book that you just can’t stop reading, that you can’t put down.

Brilliant. I can’t wait to read another of Lauren Beukes’ novels, I am waiting by the postbox to receive my copy of Zoo City!

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