SciFriday #6

The Rabid Unicorn – Minna Sundberg

It’s Friday.

And you know what that means. 

It’s SciFriday! ~100 words.

This one doesn’t have to be sci-fi, but I’d love to see if you can manage it!

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5 thoughts on “SciFriday #6

  1. I found your blog when, upon searching for some picture to use as flash writing prompts, I came across a picture I liked and used for a short story (link below). I always link my pictures for credit, and it led me here to your blog. Let me say, you are fantastic and you have some very interesting prompts! It is Flash Friday here at Mad Cow Mob Productions, and this is definitely getting a spot on my list of stories to write today! Thank you! Hope you enjoy what I came up with for the picture that I chose from my Google search. Please if you would like have a browse around my own short story blog. 🙂

    Flash Fiction Blog:

    Fiction Stories and Poetry:

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked what you saw! I’ve been posting for SciFriday recently, so if you’re interested I’d love to have you pop back in every now and then. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. […] Well, seems I went way over the word count limit for Chris White’s SciFriday Challenge, but this one was just too much […]

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