Robert Heinlein, Giving Away Story Ideas

The bloke sells dreams, in pills. Euphoria, along with your fantasy, is guaranteed. The pills are not toxic, nor are they harmful the way narcotics are, but they are habit-forming as the euphoria dreams are much better than reality. Can the Pure Foods & Drugs people act?

This guy sells soap and cosmetics, door to door like the Fuller Brush man. She tries their beauty soap; she becomes beautiful. So she tries their vanishing cream…

A little cat ghost, padding patiently around in limbo, trying to find that familiar, friendly lap…


Robert Heinlein, of Starship Troopers and Stranger in a Strange Land fame, giving away a huge number of story ideas in a letter to Theodore Sturgeon, who wrote the science fiction masterpiece, More than Human.

Via Letters of Note.

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One thought on “Robert Heinlein, Giving Away Story Ideas

  1. Kate Loveton says:

    Two masters of the genre, Heinlein and Sturgeon. I liked this piece, beautiful imagery, almost poetic.

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