Cyberpunk RPG – Dmitry Sorokin

The ‘droids stalked between market stalls, heedless of the soft-falling rain. We stayed indoors.

There will always be someone who disobeys the directives. It’s hard not to, in some ways – they write the laws in ways that seem to encourage different readings, in ways that encourage the search for loopholes. The profit involved is astronomical. Literally.

The trade in human meat to the outer system was easy to stop, at least on the surface. Take out a couple of middlemen, one or two of the big players, raid the alien settlements around Jupiter. They hated us, hated the concentration camps and the ghosts of the living, the holographic guardsmen and the ‘droids enforcing our rules. The cartels recovered from their loss of business, began shipping other products. Everyone loves contraband.

The trade in alien meat was less easy to control. There are a thousand spaceports on Terra, and a splashdown can happen anywhere wet.

And they taste so damn delicious.

Written for the beautiful picture-prompt above, via io9, and using one of this week’s BeKindRewrite prompts: ghosts of the living

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2 thoughts on “Contraband

  1. ganymeder says:

    Very creepy and well done!

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