Monsters Upstairs and Below

Octopad – Silikone

The voices came, gurgling up the drain-pipes, snatched-at, growling, shadow-whispers.

The rain fell. The floodwaters rose.

The voices came, now indecipherable, like shattering glass, a guttural howling, a scratch against a pane of glass.

Still the waters rose.

We hunkered down, upstairs in our apartment block, surrounded by the recluse and his three cats, our next-door-but-downstairs neighbour, Raj, and his wife. She was heavily pregnant. She spoke no English, but filled the room with her bird-song native language, her swollen belly and the smell of bubbling curries. Bottled water and tinned beans, mixed with her spices.

We looked down, to watch the monsters swim in the streets; I had difficulty swallowing, as I watched them gorge outside, these new faces  for the voices down the drains.

We waited. For the waters to subside, for the monsters to submerge.

For the food to run out. Theirs, or ours.

We eyed each other, hungrily, monsters upstairs and below.


Written for this week’s SciFriday prompt, as well as for some of the

BeKindRewrite prompts: New Face, Up the Drain and Difficulty Swallowing.

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7 thoughts on “Monsters Upstairs and Below

  1. k~ says:

    You have fun with monsters, the imaginative way in which you describe them is interesting to read.

  2. Just the right mix of dark and beautiful, just the right amount of detail to give us a clear picture. When are you going to finish that novel, Chris? The world needs you to have finished a novel.

    • Thanks, Steph…

      I’m hoping to get my WIP finished by the end of this year (it’s tentatively called THEOPHAGE, it’s a dark fantasy/magic realism/steampunk story.) It’s getting there. I need to stop writing so many short stories…

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