SciFriday #2

Post Apocalyptic City – Peter Siegl

It’s SciFriday again!

I love this. I love sharing the cool images I come across, and the getting to read great science fiction, of course!

Remember, ~100 words!

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5 thoughts on “SciFriday #2

  1. […] is a piece in response to Chris White Writes’ new SciFriday posts – he provides a piece of art, you provide about 100 words of sci fi. […]

  2. lexy3587 says:

    Your linkup thing still has the linkup from last week on it… not sure if that was your goal or what, but figured I’d mention it.

    • E.W. Storch says:

      Yep, but that’s cool because I got to read the submissions from the first week too! 😉

      • It was entirely accidental (I’m hopeless with technology.) I was going to pretend I did it on purpose, so that we could read all the stories – which is a turn-up for the best!

  3. […] this guy Chris over at Chris White Writes ( ) started a really cool game called SciFriday – he posts a sweet picture and you write ~100 […]

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