Astronaut – Win Campos

Even from here, high above the surface, the huge terraformer seemed to dominate the landscape. Huge clouds of red dirt billowed from its funnels, liberating halocarbons from the soil and darking the planet’s atmosphere. It rumbled along, past the capped lava-tube outposts, the huge treads ploughing the soil, warming it, melting the ice.

This one was too close.

Martian rock can be quite fragile – billions of years of erosion, followed up by enormous, vibrating machines.

She needed to act quickly. And file her report.

Fingering the keyboard on her forearm, Zhang felt her suit stiffen, jerking her up toward the observation platform.

Her superiors on Earth would be pleased that the imperialist colonists hadn’t yet noticed the miniature space station orbiting above them. Nor had they noticed the viruses raging through their computers.

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