A Sin

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via Word Porn

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6 thoughts on “A Sin

  1. Tonya R. Moore says:

    … I do this. The bigger the pile grows. The guiltier I feel. Dare anyone remove a single book from my book-mountain? They’d better not.

    • I almost wish that I could do this – grab a pile of books, more than I could read, and just keep burrowing into book-mountain while buying new books. As it is, even my wishlist on Book Depository gives me guilty pangs…

    • I wish I could make it one! Unfortunately my reading consumption (two or three novels per week) outstrips my purchasing power (especially with the extra taxes on books here in Australia.) My favourite second-hand bookstore gets a bit of business from me, as does the Book Depository.

      Fortunately, we have an excellent library system here, otherwise there’d be a spate of robberies (“The Bookstore Bandit has struck again, this time making off with a collection of Chekov’s short stories and a Philip K Dick novella…”)

      Huge answer to a one line comment…

      • Let’s see if we can make an isosceles triangle of it.

        When I moved to Spain (seven years ago) I brought a suitcase of books with me. I came back with another the next time I returned home. About half of those were comfort books that I just wanted to have near; of the rest, I still have some I’ve not got around to reading. AND I’ve bought some more, of course.

        However, English language books are a bit costly on the continent so most of my purchases are ebook now. I don’t let this stop me stacking them virtually high though: twenty in my “current” reading folder, eighty in my “to be read”…

      • QUADRILATERAL! I wish I could do e-books. Sometimes I think I can, and I get about halfway in before heading to the library and getting a loan copy. Book Depository is the way to go when books are too expensive – free delivery, world-wide – although you’ve got to wait a week or two before you can begin. Just got my most recent care package from them – I’ve already finished China Mieville’s The City & The City, and am now ploughing through Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and have Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars waiting on the shelf for me as well.

        This is the nearest I get to tsundoko.

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