I’m a Busy Bee (Not that I’m Complaining)

So, I just sat down and tried to figure out exactly how busy I’ll be this year.

Mostly in an attempt to shock myself into working.

I didn’t realise just how much I had on my plate:


God-knows-how-many non-fiction articles

A whole pile of book reviews

20 short stories

1 short film

1 novel


At least most of the short stories are written, in some form or another (fifteen of the twenty.) The novel already has around 6,000 words. I know the whole story of the short film, and the articles only take me an hour or so to write. But I’m sure that I’ll keep adding more projects as the year goes on (I find it hard to say ‘no’ to people.)

How’s the rest of your year looking?

As busy as mine?

Let’s get writing!

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6 thoughts on “I’m a Busy Bee (Not that I’m Complaining)

  1. Kelly M says:

    Haha, I soooo love your tagline on your blog. I can definitely relate to putting shrt tasks ahead of long novels etc.

    Your work list for the year is also impressive. When you say you have to do 20 short stories, is that just your own goal, or have you somehow already committed yourself to them already? 😀

    • Thanks, Kelly – the tagline just seemed to fit, that’s all I am. I find it so hard to work on long pieces, I’ve got so many stories trying to force their way out. And I can write shorts really quickly.

      As for this year’s stories: I’ve got twenty or so stories that I’ve written or at least conceptualized, and twenty shorts each year is my personal goal (I got there last year), although this year I’m aiming at bigger markets.

      Of those twenty stories I’m committed to five already, with invitations to submit already popping up (which is both new and exciting!) And I promised my wife I’d finish my novel this year…

      Big year, this one.

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