Conquering the Ruins

“Old Rivals” by Jordan Grimmer, via io9

The Old Ones still waited, amidst the bones of the old city – a haunted place, where shadows twisted and turned, where sinister whispers filled the empty streets. Here the Old Ones had waged war.

Or so the legends said.

Say no more.

She stood, in blazing crimson, staring out over a history written in scars. Each year the rainforest reclaimed more and more of the city, verdigris and rust conquering the ruins of what once passed for civilisation.

They protected us, the ‘us’ they called indivisible.

Indivisible, yet still we fell.

Say no more.

The suits, like fossils exposed to the skies, non-eroding, non-corroding. She wondered if the pilots’ bones remained inside those ancient ossuaries, surrounded by the fragments of their uniforms, rotting in the cockpit, their microphones still between their teeth.

A flurry of red approached the ancient armour, disappeared inside.

Say no more.

Written for this week’s (or maybe last week’s) Inspiration Monday prompts.

Comments and criticism always welcome! 

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11 thoughts on “Conquering the Ruins

  1. Very nice. I’m really curious to know more. Does she take charge of the Old Ones or is she just exploring? Oh, and verdigris is such a fine word 🙂

  2. The history here feels so rich. I love the thought of the rainforest being such a conquerer.

  3. kaisywmills says:

    I love that picture! It is stunning! 🙂

  4. KP says:

    A great snapshot of a fascinating story. Nature, the rain forest, will always take back what is hers … I like it!

Comments and criticism always welcome!

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