There Wasn’t Much Room for Hope

The world slipped back into focus.

The light slapped her, disorientating.

Dentist-office-white and neon-blue.

The light chased away the shadows of sleep and forced her further toward consciousness. Thin streamers rose, spreading tentacles of warmth – coffee, waiting.

The computer banks whispered and hummed their lullabies, threatening to drag her back toward sleep.

“Fuck this.”

She rolled off the soft cushioned bed, instinctively checking the life-support displays of her shipmates.


She frowned and staggered toward the coffee.

The ship’s voice tried to get her attention, but she raised her finger, willing it to silence as she sipped.

“Let me wake up first, you bastard.”


She looked out the porthole, saw a galaxy blooming against the velvet blackness of space.

Red. She realised.

“How far out are we? How long have we been under? How long have they been dead?”

The computer answered.

There wasn’t much room for hope.

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7 thoughts on “There Wasn’t Much Room for Hope

  1. kaisywmills says:

    Interesting! I love “the velvet blackness of space”. Very lovely yet creepy… 🙂

  2. nice little story – I feel for her – waking up to hopelessness, what a dreary way to regain herself from “death”, only to know there will be more death soon.

  3. Wonderful prose here. I can’t help but feel that, even if all hope is lost, at least there’s still coffee. 🙂 Nice work!

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