2013 – A Year in Review


(Please read the title in a newscaster voice, with a dramatic pause like in a CNN or BBC special report)

Maybe something like ‘2013…A Year. In Review.”

<cue dramatic trumpet and drum intro>

Anyway, I’m glad we could move passed that. 2013. Pretty good, so far, right? And it’s almost over. Almost. The New Year is so close you can almost smell it. And the days are finally getting shorter again, hallelujah (I live in Australia. It’s freaking hot here.) And I just spelled ‘hallelujah’ right first go, so things are working out.

It’s been a busy year for me. I’ve been writing here, obviously. 140 posts, ranging from flash fiction to poetry to short stories. Average them out to around 150 words per post and that’s 21,000 words, which is not too shabby. I’ve been to both the Brisbane Writer’s Festival and to GenreCon, I’ve read some of my flash out loud in a crowded bar (which is a big deal for me, people are terrifying) and I managed to get twenty short stories published or accepted for publication around the place, as well as two essays about steampunk (one about writing it, and one about what’s wrong with it) and a travel article about Tokyo (I grew up there.) Aaaaand I’ve been reading a whole heap of brilliant books, which I’ve been reviewing here .

I’m feeling pretty good about all of that.

Next year is going to be another big one, working on my novel-in-progress and another twenty short stories.

There are some people I want to thank, for providing prompts or for just being awesome, especially Sue Wright, the mastermind behind Tiny Owl Workshop, a Brisbane-based ‘publisher-in-training.’ She does creative, inventive stuff in publishing, like stories printed onto pillows and left scattered around the Brisbane Writers’ Festival or on napkins in various groovy cafes, from Brisbane to Leeds via Toronto. And she’s got some more projects coming up next year that I’m looking forward to (Unfettered, with Terry Whidborne’s beautiful illustrations), or am already involved in (The Lane of Unusual Traders.) I’d also like to thank Steph, from BeKindRewrite and the Trifecta editors, as well as Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of the Friday Fictioneers for their brilliant prompt sites and the communities that have grown up around them.

And now, a link-swamp to some of my short stories that are published around the place:

The Promise of Extinction (dead tree)

This Old Man (1’s and 0’s FREE)

Love in the Age of Supercolliders (1’s and 0’s)

Shadows (1’s and 0’s FREE)

Leviathan (1’s and 0’s FREE) 

Give me Liberty or Give me Death (dead tree)

I am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds (dead tree)

Thud (dead tree)

Upward, Ever Upward (dead tree)

Sanctuary (1’s and 0’s)

The Sky Tore (dead tree)

Bend to the Fields (dead tree)

Cheers, and I’ll see you next year! Stay cool.


2 thoughts on “2013 – A Year in Review

  1. Congrats on a great year, Chris!

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