As Best She Could

Oh, God. 

Where is he?

The sun shone, deflected brilliance through the narrow slats, stretching the shadows cast by her flashlight.

She could feel their heavy, stumbling breath – a low moan, a shrill scream.

Oh, God.

She could sense them around her, waking into daylight, against their nature.

It’s too late.

Too late to save him.

She turned, and ran.


The zombies ate.

She grieved.

As best she could.

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers’ prompt, as well as for the BeKindRewrite prompt – flashlight. It felt weird writing ‘flashlight’ – we just call them ‘torches’ over here, although I thought that would conjure up the flickering of flames, when potentially faulty electronics could be suggested…and the story’s probably too short to build any actual tension. Still, felt good to write again this morning. Tell me what you think about the story!

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18 thoughts on “As Best She Could

  1. Those blasted zombis are everywhere these days.


  2. A real bloodfest! Bon appetite. She has to do better.

  3. Dear Chris,

    Guess it’s hard to grieve and run for your life at the same time. Damn Zombies.



  4. MissTiffany says:

    There was nothing she could do, except move on, and remember him. Zombies don’t leave time for grieving.

  5. Oh zombies .. they are quite a nuisance..

  6. I found this quite chilling, the abandonment…

    Very well written!

  7. Gruesome without being gruesome. Nice.

  8. You’re right, “torches” would have initially conjured an image of fire for me, even though I’m familiar with the term. Really tough to tell a story in so few words!

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