T h u n k

Copyright Sean Fallon

As light faded she forced open her eyes, drawn onward by the promise, of a moment’s passion withheld, of his brief rigidity as she turned away.

Like a relic, sacrosanct, desecrated.

A broken marble man, shattered.

She set him on the footpath, closed her door, twisted the t h u n k ing locks into place.

He is broken.

She is made whole.

Until tomorrow.

Some lit-fic for you this weekend, thank to the Friday Fictioneers’ photo prompt you see above. Although now, with my glasses on, I can see he’s not marble but plastic – I guess there’s a metaphor in there, too…

Tell me what you think, I don’t venture into lit-fic territory very often!

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17 thoughts on “T h u n k

  1. Dear Chris,

    Marble…plastic? It’s all good and so’s your story.



  2. We’re only riffing off the photo anyway, Chris, so it doesn’t matter whether he’s marble or plaster or even in the story. 🙂 A good venture.


  3. Well done Chris, I liked it, and yes the image is just a starting point.

  4. I love that part of “He is broken. She is made whole.” Funny I thought of him as a statue. I’m not sure why either. Clearly, he is a mannequin. It’s all in what we see and what our perspective is. That is what matters. Fine piece! – Amy

  5. Jan Brown says:

    Great story, from the title to the last line.

  6. annisik51 says:

    Intriguing. I like it a lot. It has a cyclic aspect. He is broken. She is made whole. Until tomorrow. (When logically it follows she will no longer be whole). Your construction suggests that she is made whole BECAUSE he is broken. And because of restraint (of a sensual nature). And that this result was promised – a deal – in exchange for her restraint. She is certainly in control here. Until tomorrow. Who then, is dealing the cards in this game? Thank you for this meaty (in the vegetarian sense!) literary morsel. Which I have invented out of your words! Ann

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