Pimping Books I’m in

Because it’s my birthday! 

Buy some of these anthologies, read my words (please.)

I’ll arrange them by price. Cheap one is at the bottom, so you’ve got to scroll through and be tempted…and the most expensive is only about $15 (for a dead-tree book) and the cheapest is $3 (Kindle.) Sorry about the weird formatting, can’t reduce the giants any less, can’t increase the shrimps.

(Italics are the stories’ titles, bold are the anthologies’ titles.)



The Promise of Extinction

Alien Sky



Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

Forging Freedom




100 Doors to Madness



He is Coming, Ever Upward

100 Worlds: Lightning Quick SF and Fantasy



I am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds




Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories

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