We spent an hour or so, lying to each other. Lying, to try to end the loneliness.

I paid the bill.

She kissed me.

Then left.

Walking into the crowd.

I lost her.


Written for the Trifecta Writing Challenge, 33 words. Comments and criticism alway welcome! 


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23 thoughts on “

  1. Ah, that elusive quest for love. Daunting. So well-written.

  2. Lovely and bittersweet.

  3. Kalpana Solsi says:

    Lovely write-up but poignant end.

  4. jannatwrites says:

    Losing sight of what could’ve been true love is sad.

  5. Steve Lakey says:

    Love the pacing of this.

  6. Draug419 says:

    This is great.

  7. Nothing is scarier than other people. Especially those you’re trying to pin your heart to.

  8. As for your post, Chris, I thank the Lord Above, multiple times a day, that I found my soulmate and no longer have to do the dating-thing anymore. Don’t miss “going out for a coffee” or “meeting up for lunch” blind dates. Thank you, Lord! Thank you!

    • Mmmm, there’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning to see the person you love lying next to you. I’ve never really been exposed to the ‘dating’ scene – we don’t really do that in Australia. Well, maybe the e-singles crowd does, I wouldn’t know. I’m lucky.

  9. KymmInBarcelona says:

    lying to try to end the loneliness
    What a great phrase!

  10. troy P. says:

    No! That’s not a tear. My eye is just watering, is all.

  11. Eric Alagan says:

    I saw this as something else – paid for her company – she offers nothing more, he expects nothing more – just company to beat away the loneliness, even if only for an hour.

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