Busy, Busy, Busy

Image by Kathleen Jennings

Image by Kathleen Jennings

Gotta keep busy. Poor little lambs, with their cold, cold feet.

Feet? Hooves? Whatever.

Once the fleece comes off, they get so cold at nights.

Gotta keep busy.

Poor little lambs. Unclothed. I see the outlines of their shanks, a tracery of chops and rumps and roasts.


Gotta keep busy, keep my mind off their deliciousness. Keep my mind in check. Instincts, drowned.

They look so delicious.

Gotta keep busy.

Destiny rises in my gut – delicious little lambs.

But my master calls me a good girl. So good I am.

Like lambs to the slaughter they mill before me.

Gotta keep busy.

I’ll get mine, come slaughtering time…

Written for this adorable little sketch, by the uber-talented Kathleen Jennings (whom I met a GenreCon, and was as lovely as her art is. Go to her website if you don’t believe me. I also smuggled in a BeKindReWrite prompt: Destiny in the gut

Comments and criticism always welcome! 

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Comments and criticism always welcome!

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