More Acceptances (Like this to boost my ego)

I’ve recently had a few more acceptances, and I tend to take them rather nonchalantly.

Rejections, on the other hand…so, this is a little psychological exercise.

Brag about my accomplishments.

Hopefully it helps…

Anyway, here are the titles of the stories I’ve had accepted in the last month:

Thud – a horror drabble, accepted into the 100 Doors to Madness Anthology

I am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds – finally had some literary fiction accepted, this time to the [INSERT COIN HERE] Anthology

They Call me Oberon – a faerie tale, for an anthology of Myths and Legends

In the Gloaming His Father’s Son – related retellings of Greek myths (In the Gloaming is about the Minotaur, His Father’s Son is about Icarus flying too close to the sun)

Sanctuary – just found out about this one today, it’s a short story that I wrote in three days, featuring some unloved (and under-represented) Japanese monsters

YAY! Writing!  I think that’s all of September’s acceptances…


3 thoughts on “More Acceptances (Like this to boost my ego)

  1. Nicely done! I particularly like the sound of In the Gloaming & His Father’s Son. I love me some Greek mythology!

  2. Good for you! Well done!! 🙂

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