The Dawn Chorus

The dawn chorus sings out

to greet

the soft kiss of the sun –

the shriek of an alarm clock,

motorcade rumblings,

the kichlang-kichlang of passing trains

already full

of empty-minded sacrifices

to the Money God,

the background people,

moving through the world.


The dawn chorus

growls and grumbles –

the city never sleeps.

Unless it’s when I do.

Written for the second day of #OctPoWriMon (October: Poetry Writing Month) as well as for one of this week’s BeKindRewrite prompts: background people. Comments and criticism always welcome, and I think that maybe tomorrow’s poem will be an OctPoeWriMo poem (Edgar Allan, that is…)

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3 thoughts on “The Dawn Chorus

  1. Vivid imagery, thought-provoking existentialism. Gives a really good sense of place and character. I don’t always “get” poetry, but this was both clear and beautiful.

    • Thanks, Steph! It was an attempt at a rural idyll, but in a city. Not sure if it came out quite the way I wanted it to, but…that’s just the way it is. Would probably never be able to fix it. Thanks again!

Comments and criticism always welcome!

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