The Babies Are Hungry

It came up from beneath the waves, monstrous, twisted. Vast, swelling waves bucked, baring their white backs to the dawn. Sharp shields, like the blue-black chitinous body-armour of beetles, rose from the eternal ocean blackness, flickering, pulsating at the sun’s warm touch. It bellowed at the rising sun as it dove, back into the ocean’s cool embrace. It would surface again soon.


It was hungry.


There are always reports of boats going missing, yachts disappearing into the desert of the sea. Minute white dots, swallowed up by the greedy maw of the ocean – blue-grey-green, immortal.


There are seldom reports of super-tankers disappearing.

They tracked its path, around the Cape of Good Hope and into the Indian Ocean, by the missing ships in its wake. Some marauder, unknown. The Chinese Navy stood guard, weighing down on the waters of the Straits of Malacca – the beast turned south at their influence. Down, into the thick scales of tuna and marlin around the south of Australia. The cold water turned it northward again.


The beast made landfall into the warming, life-giving sunlight, using the drop-off onto the continental shelf to pick up speed for its launch onto the shore. It burst onto the beach at Surfer’s Paradise, defying tradition. It smashed against the towers along the tourist strip, its weight pounding against the sun-cracked bitumen, leaving deep scars along the Esplanade. Gold-bikinied meter maids and Japanese tourists scattered as its fierce claws tore at balconies, strung like diving boards high above the horizon.


Now it slumbers, a dragon, coiled tight above its prize, the Glitter Strip, between surf and civilisation.


Within its grip opaque, milky-white eggs rock and crack – the brood-mother awakens, heavy eyelids blink and lift.


Her babies need feeding.


A black ribbon stretches north, to monuments in steel and glass, stabbing the horizon.


Her babies need feeding.



This story kind of lost its way toward the end there…I guess my problem with kaiju is that they’re so unbelievable. Which doesn’t mean I don’t love a good kaiju movie (hanging on tenterhooks for the new Godzilla…) 

Tell me what you think!

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