Field Trip


“…if you follow me this way you’ll see a representation of what our ancestors called a ‘forest.’ These ‘trees’ grew…”

Kyle was bored.

This museum was the worst. No cloned dinosaurs or anything…

Written for this week’s Trifecta Writing Challengecomments and criticism always welcome!

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13 thoughts on “Field Trip

  1. chloeaevm says:

    This made me smile. Also, I want to see a cloned dinosaur now.

  2. Cobbie's World says:

    Hopefully, this is not how the future unfolds. Chilling, in a child-friendly, Jurassic Park kind of way.

  3. Kids shouldn’t bore so easily. Sweet.

  4. Draug419 says:

    I know right.
    What kind of museum doesn’t have living bloodthirsty predators on display sheesh

  5. Christine says:

    Ha! You may have missed the soaring happiness, but I love the hugeness of what you built in those few words. Great job.

Comments and criticism always welcome!

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