But it’s only been four hours!

Mount Seceda in the Dolomites. Photo by Wolfgang Moroder, WikiCommons.

The clouds swelled, looming up, swimming toward us as the gondola’s little engines hummed, purring above our heads.

The cable snapped, with a neat twang! – the fall seemed to take forever, and to end in an instant.
We fell, tumbling, skidding, crashing into the mountain’s jagged teeth, stones; tearing and rending the gondala’s walls, shattering glass and bone alike.
When we woke…when I woke…well, I was so hungry.

I had to!
Forgive me.

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3 thoughts on “But it’s only been four hours!

  1. TheImaginator says:

    It’s the image of the skidding and tearing after impact that I liked.

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