A Collection – A Good Idea?

So I’ve been putting a lot of work into the idea of putting together a short story collection (actually a series of short story collections) sometime later this year. November maybe. Or October. I don’t know, stop looking at me like that. Sometime this year, anyway.

And so I’ve collected together some of my favourite short stories that I’ve written (or own the rights to), most of which haven’t gone up here. Sure, there are some that have been on chriswhitewrites – but only a couple. Flash fiction, poetry and short stories, all bundled together in a handy little e-book called Chris White Writes Shorts Stories and (or maybe &, haven’t decided yet) Flash Fiction. Clever title, eh? Exactly what’s inside.

So…I was wondering…anyone want to have a look over it? Still trying to decide on the order the stories go in, as well as whether some stories should go into the collection in the first place.

Send me an email if you’ld like a copy, if you’re interested in reading it, and giving me your opinion.

Send me an email, let me know (chriswhitewrites@gmail.com)


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One thought on “A Collection – A Good Idea?

  1. So, I’m going to take this as a “NO!”

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