The Gap in the Clouds


The city is grey, grey fog, grey streets, grey people living grey lives. Steel-and-glass monoliths reach for the heavens, sheer, abrupt, overwhelming.

Watch where you’re going, watch your feet, mind the gap.

The jostle of black umbrellas only seems to highlight the grey, to point out its domination.

Step by step, inching ever-closer to black-clad mourners lowering your grey flesh into grey earth.

Step by step by step.

But I look upward, into the unending ribbon of blue and white stretching across the sky, stretching into forever.

Written (too late) for this week’s Flash! Friday picture prompt…sorry about any weird formatting issues that may have popped up, I’m at work, so I can’t fix it up ’til later. Comments and criticism welcome, as always!

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2 thoughts on “The Gap in the Clouds

  1. davecrewe says:

    Hey Chris, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine and Family Awards, if you do that kinda thing. Details here:

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