This one

Now, this is the truth – I’ve never tried scheduling my activity. Not once.

Until now.

As you can see, I’m pretty busy until October.

At which point I’ll make another schedule.

But I’m going to keep posting stories here, too.

I’m a terrible procrastinator – as soon as there’s a deadline approaching, I um and ah and play video games until about three days beforehand.

And then I struggle to do anything, as the stress of it (self-imposed) weighs down and I end up doing nothing, or coming up short.

I wish I could say I’m like Douglas Adams, and that I “love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

But I can’t. They terrify me.

So now, new tactics!

How do you deal with stress and with deadlines? Let me know if you’ve got any advice!

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4 thoughts on “Deadlines…

  1. Deadlines are my mortal enemies. I do not play well with them at all. Goals on the other hand, I can manage. Maybe it’s because I make the goal deadline flexible. If I don’t achieve it, no biggie. I’ll keep working until I do. Usually, I make my goals because it gives me a nice feeling of accomplishment.

    • For me the whole “goals” versus “deadlines” always seemed to be a false dichotomy. I have goals, but in order to reach them I need to beat the deadline as well. Although this little schedule/planner is really working for me, and getting three stories submitted gave me that accomplished feeling, so I do get what you’re talking about.\

      Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the advice!

  2. stankmeaner says:

    I suck at deadlines, although I love organizing for them they go out the window as soon as the fun color coding part of it is done. I am more a fan of constant reward- I get to sit down and read a chapter of whatever book I’m reading and then do something productive, then I’ll sit down for twenty minutes to read a couple blog posts, and then do something productive. I usually end up hitting my marks on time this way, but definitely not always. Baby steps, I guess đŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, I always end up getting lost in a Wiki-maze while “researching” or play four hours of Minecraft instead of the 3o minute reward. I have to just hack it out and then edit it later, but this scheduling thing is working (he says after a week.)

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