A Free Lunch

Gustave Doré – Jacob Wrestling with the Angel (1855)

I spread wide my wings – a delicate, purposeful pose, each tender unfolding fills the room with gusts of warm air, “Well, my child…He is renowned for moving in mysterious ways.” I smiled, beatific. No. I smiled, angelic. The thought pleased me and I chuckled into the room, the burnished edges of my wings brushing against the stained glass behind me. The Victory of St Michael, in burnished gold armour, spear poised to strike Him – their other Him, the opposite face of the coin – poised to strike him down.

It’s almost too easy.

There is something in their innocence, in their naivety, the religious…they come to me, as I wander, the white hem of my robe dragging in the streets, muttering to myself in their corrupt little tongue. “Gloria!” they whisper amongst themselves, “Gloria, angelus!”

My wings unfold, like intricate machines. like clockwork.

I step from the altar, draped in Easter vestments.

I step from the altar, my sword ablaze.

Delightful, deliberate propaganda, to allow a freak like me to walk amongst them. 

Gloria, angelus.

They don’t even run.

He moves in mysterious ways.

Written for this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge, their prompt word was ‘freak.

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21 thoughts on “A Free Lunch

  1. Wow. This is incredibly dark and creepy and wonderful. I love this, Chris. Thanks for linking it up.

  2. Draug419 says:

    This is pretty awesome. (:

  3. That was interesting. I was really struggling to figure out if this being was a good guy or bad. It was some nice suspense.

  4. Christine says:

    Ooo, niiiice. I love the phrase “delightful, deliberate propaganda” – it feels just right on the tongue, know what I mean?

  5. jannatwrites says:

    Great story! Symbolic of how evil can be carried out behind the cloak of goodness (or godliness.)

  6. Absolutely chilling. I love the dark tone.

  7. Chris, I thought I commented yesterday. I was overwhelmed by this amazing piece. Expertly written, chilled me to the core (in a literary appreciation way). Excellent.

  8. emlee1973 says:

    Really beautiful piece. I got chills.

  9. claireful says:

    ooh, very sinister. I like it.

  10. stankmeaner says:

    Fan-frickin-tastic, well done

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