She Feels the Sun

Image: John Nyberg

The sun slowly set, casting shadows long, stretched into wicked, writhing parodies.

The sea spoke, whispering, muttering. Telling secrets, from ages long forgotten, making promises to the failing fingers of the sun.

Boulders, worn smooth by the sea’s incessant advances, worn smooth by constant flirtation. Their hard refusals will lead to soft acceptance.

The little mermaid waits, cast in bronze. Unfinished eyes glare out above the mirror of the sea, listening to the water’s ancient, unending prayer, feeling the sun’s goodnight kiss.

Eventually, she to will fall, will collapse into sea foam and wash away, torn apart, into flotsam and jetsam.


Written, a little too late, for last week’s Flash! Friday.

100 words. 

Comments and criticism always welcome!

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4 thoughts on “She Feels the Sun

  1. stankmeaner says:

    Very lyrical, kind of beautiful and sad without being sentimental. Loved this.

    • Thanks, glad you liked it! I’m not often one for poetry, except where I manage to sneak it into my flash. Kind of how the world feels – lyrical, almost (but not quite) like a poem being read. Beautiful and sad, but it doesn’t do to get sentimental about it, cause it keeps on going while you’re distracted.

  2. That flowed nicely. The last lines are very bittersweet.

Comments and criticism always welcome!

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