Snatch and Grab

My heart raced, an insistent echoing.

Dadadump. Dadadump. 

You never see pay phones anymore.

The crowd swirled, a menagerie of personal terrors.

Of moments, fragmentary, shattering concerns.

But people don’t realise that personal isn’t the same as important.

Snatch, grab.

My feet pounded at the cracked pavement, my breath came in ragged shards.

“She’ll call you back.”

This is important.

Written for this weekend’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. 

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7 thoughts on “Snatch and Grab

  1. Dear Chris,
    That payphone’s getting a lot of attention heaped on it. Hope he catches the call.

  2. Nice sense of panic. I hope he catches that call when it happens.

  3. I was about to say what Patricia said–you did an excellent job conveying his panic. You also threw me off with your title,(probably intentionally), which made me expect a robbery story.


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