Xing Tian 刑天 – A to Z Challenge

Xiang Tian, from the Shanhaijing (c. 300BC)

“The amber sunrise glowed softly above the rice paddies

while peasants in straw cloaks

laboured against the cold.”


A man of peace, although I was born to war.

A man of peace, standing eight foot tall, towering above my fellows.

When my Master called, I followed.

To battle.

The guqin called us to war, as once I had taught it to entice the peasants into the fields.

The dizi and the gudi marched alongside us, through trembling mountain passes, quaking beneath the tread of a thousand feet, urging us onward and into the teeth of the enemy.

The fight was fierce, my Master, defeated.

Shadows extinguished the Fire Emperor, sent into exile, deep in the uncivilised south.

Executed, to prevent his return.

So again I marched to war, to follow my Master along the final path, through eternal mountains and into the valley of Death. I called him out, the Yellow Emperor, the new king, the usurper.

He took my head, but still I fight on.



Written for the A to Z Challenge, as part of my series on Under-represented Monsters

Nearly finished, this month has been exhausting.

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4 thoughts on “Xing Tian 刑天 – A to Z Challenge

  1. I liked this one. Didn’t John Mandeville claim to have discovered creatures like these too, with no heads but with faces in their bodies?

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