Wirry-cow – A to Z Challenge

I dinnae know where it got started, a misunderstanding by some soft Southerner…I dinae know.

“Wirry cow?”

It’s ‘worry’ not ‘wirry.’ Worry inna ol’ sense o’ tha word – not ‘concerned’, not stressed aboot money, aboot ya hair turnin’ grey or ya woman laying around the town.

“Worry” as in to attack, to make war, to commit atrocities, most vicious.

Rape, pillage, plunder.

And ‘cow?’ It’s ‘cove.’ Cove – a rogue, a monster. In Scots Gaelic it means “‘goblin.’

Not cow. Cowe.



Written for the A to Z Challenge, as part of my series on Under-Represented Monsters. He’s basically the traditionally Scottish bogeyman. Hmmmm…X is gonna be hard…

Comments and criticism always welcome!

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4 thoughts on “Wirry-cow – A to Z Challenge

  1. Interesting. Writing with the accent made a few sentences tricky to figure out, but it was a nice touch to the story.

  2. elappleby says:

    Apparently there was a Monster X from Godzilla – might work for tomorow?

  3. […] Wirry-cow – A to Z Challenge […]

Comments and criticism always welcome!

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