Pollo Maligno – A to Z Blogging Challenge

Actually in Australia (the Daintree) not the Amazon...

The forest grows thicker just beyond that knoll. In that twisting green labyrinth giants tower, the canopy stretching up to the heavens, holding up the vault of the sky. The midday sun fades into dusky twilight beneath the viridian ceiling, and the echoing cacophony of  howler monkeys dies out – an eerie silence fills the air.

The sow has passed through here, recently – she has left her traces along this run. Her piglets scattered into that bush, she brushed against that chontoduro tree, forcing my arrow deeper into her flank.

She is slowing. The blood here is still warm.

Deeper into the jungle.

I push on.

Deeper into the jungle.

A cockerel sounds off, away to the left. The sow cannot have travelled much further, and a brace of chickens will sweeten the cooking pot. I can picture my children smiling already, the verdigris feathers illuminating their headdresses. I will come back for the sow, and for her piglets.

The cockerel crows again, close by.

Already I can smell chicken stew.

With my bola in hand I approach the clearing, the rough edge of the stone set to hammer into the bird’s breast, the rope to bind his wings and lash him to my belt.

The cockerel sounds, and the gloom thickens.

The cockerel sounds, and golden wings flutter, coming closer toward me.

My bola whips through the air, and the cockerel laughed.

The cockerel laughed!

His beak opened wide, his talons tearing into my leg…he is eating me alive.

The cockerel laughed!


Still not 1oo% on my game, this story is about one of the least threatening monsters on my list so far – the Pollo Maligno, literally the Malignant Chicken. Outrageous! Although chickens can look pretty evil, I suppose. That said, I love this monster. This story was written for the A to Z Challenge, as part of my series on Under-represented Monsters. The Pollo Maligno is a Columbian monster, who lures hunters deeper into the forest before devouring them. 

Comments and criticism always welcome! 


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3 thoughts on “Pollo Maligno – A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. That had quite the scary end. Eaten alive? No thanks.

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Comments and criticism always welcome!

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