The Lambton Worm – A to Z Challenge

He drew me out, from still waters, running deep – drew me out and into the heat of the midday sun, burning hot, hot, hot against my alabaster skin. He pulled me out. From my lair, deep beneath the water’s surface. No bigger than a thumb, from depths unplumbed. He drew me out.

“Caught the devil,” he declared, and cast me aside. Down, underwater again, a prison of stone towering above my head – a cage fit for the beast I was to become. Couldn’t be bothered to carry home his catch, I grew, and grew, and grew. To escape became my only purpose.

Toxins secreted from my flesh, the well grew poisonous and soon I fled that watery dungeon.

Cattle, sheep, children – coiled about Penshaw Hill, I snatched them away, to fill my aching belly.

Children, cattle, sheep – devouring all in my path. The villagers stood before me, ploughshares beaten into swords, their tongues of fire sputtering beneath my wet flesh.

I crushed them.

Men, women, and children – inhaled, fuelling growth prodigious.

The knights rode out – I squeezed them, popping their meat from within their tin skin.


John returned from the Crusade, and I rushed out to greet him, he who threw me away.

I rushed out to greet him, hungry for flesh.

Hungry for revenge.

He came at me where I waited, the River Wear. With spearheads pressed into his armour, and his sword like flashing lightning he came.

A great pain on the inside of my mouth, where I bit down, blood oozed from my flanks as I crushed him.

That old witch, his adviser, was wrong.

Now I grow ever stronger, the river hides my sorrow.

John, I loved you.

But you only wanted my skin.

I took yours instead.

Another story in my series on under-represented monsters, written for the A to Z Challenge. Today’s story is about the Lambton Worm (<— original story), although I changed the ending, and let the wyrm win. The Lambton Worm was once an incredibly popular tale, and even had a song written about it, but I hate how the good guys always win. Not on my blog. I’m feeling a bit off today, but a story a day was the promise. Comments and criticism always welcome!

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5 thoughts on “The Lambton Worm – A to Z Challenge

  1. Nice story. Sometimes I muse about writing a story where the bad guy wins, but have yet to come up with a suitable one. Maybe one day.

  2. stankmeaner says:

    I don’t know what it says about me, but I always appreciate a story that doesn’t end happily ever after….

  3. You let the bad guy win? Hmm… How do I feel about this… 😉

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