Irin – A to Z Challenge

The Fallen Angel - Ricardo Bellver

Her hair was black, the colour of night, her eyes shone like stars and her laughter was like the chorus of heaven. She set my heart ablaze at the simple joy of her light touch, the way she moved through the early dawn of this world burned through my indifference.

I stood before her on the river-bank, took her in my arms. I loved her.

I stood before her, the setting sun bright behind my wings, unfurled to reveal my true nature.

I loved her.

How could I not?

I took her as my own, and she grew heavy with child.

A monster.

His punishment.

He swore us to watch over them, and watch we did.

How could we not love them?

We strode the earth in those ancient days, taught mankind the alchemy of art distilled through spirit, of science.

How could we not love them? Although it was not His love. We loved them, broken and cast aside by his wrath – we watched them and took them for our own.

I loved her.

And now we wait in the deepest shadows – for His judgment.

Written for the A to Z Challenge, as part of my series on Under-represented Monsters. The Irin were angels, their name translates as “Watchers” and God set them to watch over humanity. And watch over us they did, taking human wives and breeding an army of monstrous giants – those legendary men whose tales have been handed down to us from antiquity. Demi-gods.If you believe in all that jazz. Anyway, he (God) sent the flood to wipe out the Nephilim (the children of the angels and humans.) Here’s a link for the Watchers. Comments and criticism always welcome!

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