Futakuchi-onna – A to Z Challenge

“Hai, irashaimasen!” he shouted out over his shoulder, busy concentrating on the ramen boiling over on the stove-top. The bar stool scraped behind him as she took her seat, he could see her out of the corner of his eye and sighed internally, careful not to let his disappointment register in his face. Another little swallow, come in only to peck away at a plate of zensai and the free tea. Another bar stool occupied for an hour, and for only ¥200. Damn.

He waited as long as politeness would allow before turning to serve her, hoping that she would leave.


She ordered a plate of gyoza and a pint of Asahi- more than he had expected. He smiled, pouring the beer with a flourish. His other customers glanced up at her before returning to their plates.

He didn’t even notice them, didn’t hear their shocked whispers and their panic as they left.

She kept him busy, bowl after bowl.

He didn’t even notice her second mouth, not at first.

His eyes lit up – another plate of gyoza, another litre of Asahi – the other villagers may be frightened, he didn’t care for their tomfoolery.

Ahiro could only keep tallying up the bill. 


Another short story for my series on Under-represented Monsters for this year’s A to Z Challenge, even though the Futakuchi-onna is pretty well represented in Japanese stories, I don’t think she’s made it into western fiction before… I also managed to squeeze in one of this week’s Inspiration Monday prompts: Tomfoolery. Comments and criticism always welcome!

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11 thoughts on “Futakuchi-onna – A to Z Challenge

  1. Nice piece. I think a little more info on the Futakuchi-onna would be nice because I have no idea what she is. Will have to go to google.

  2. now I’m interested in more of the story 🙂 good work!

  3. cindydwyer says:

    Very intriguing piece. I love how he’d put up with anything as long as he could bill for it.

  4. Marti says:

    Am liking the story! Visiting from A-Z

  5. Haha, I like the business man who doesn’t mind a monster as long as she’s a paying customer. Nicely done. Also, I could so go for some ramen right now.

    • Just ate some ramen myself! From a store in Tokyo where I’ve been an infrequent customer for more than twenty years now. She saw my mother and I walk in, didn’t even ask what we wanted. Loved it. Also, I know so many business men who would react the exact same way!

Comments and criticism always welcome!

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