(Inter)National Flash Fiction Day II

So…it’s that time of the year again. What time of the year? National Flash Fiction Day coming back (in the UK) on June 22nd. Last year I put out a little magazine – Photocopier Press – that’s it, up the top of the page there, between “About the Blog” and “Published Works.” We (my wife and I) thought it was a bit unfair that the UK got all the fun. So why not put out a magazine in Brisbane? That’s exactly what we did. We put out a call to writers everywhere, and they responded in droves, so many that we had to put out two different editions of the magazine.

The magazine itself is crowd-sourced and crowd-distributed – everyone who submits a story prints out one or two (or three, or twenty, what ever you can afford.) And then you drop them off in cafes, give them to your friends, leave them unattended on the train…

Last year we managed to get the magazine handed out (or dropped off) in cities ranging from Brisbane, Manchester, Tokyo and London, New York and Sydney.

Which means this is (as you’ve probably guessed) a CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS.

What we’re looking for is flash fiction. Obviously. I love it, you love it.

It fits nicely on half a landscape A4 page. 200 words, please.

Email me right here —-> chriswhitewrites AT gmail DOT com.

Just put the word SUBMISSION in the subject line. No epic titles (ten words MAX. Really, I think ten is too many.)

DEADLINE: May 1st. May 1stMay 1st. And just because all American and British anthologies and websites make me use google (it’s a verb now!) to convert the time, so you guys can convert into MY time! 12pm, Brisbane Time (not Daylight Savings Time.)

12pm, Brisbane Time. May 1st.

200 WORDS!

Looking forward to reading some great flash fiction!


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4 thoughts on “(Inter)National Flash Fiction Day II

  1. Annie Evett says:


    I’ll make sure I have something ready for you and I’ll do some shouting out about this for you too.

    – Oh – and in case you didn’t see the very kind shout out from Calum – I am doing another twisted tales this year see below for info

    Raging Aardvark Publications for their Twisted Tales Flash Fiction anthology. The closing date is Midnight (Australian EST) 7th of July 2013. More details are here:https://ragingaardvarkpublications.submittable.com/submit and 2012’s Twisted Tales is on Amazon if you want to have a look. http://www.amazon.com/Twisted-Tales-Flash-Fiction-twist/dp/0987138383/ Annie Evett

    Writer and Thaumaturg +61414 771 367 http://annieevett.com

    If you do not design the future, someone or something else will design it for you.

  2. This sounds like fun. I’m doing 100 word flash for my A to Z challenge posts. Maybe I could expand one a little and submit it.

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