The Sky, Aflame

“Babe – I’ve got something to tell you. I need two things from you. First, you need to stay calm, step away from the computer and unplug the internet…”

“What the fuck is going on, Chris?”

“Just listen. This can’t go on Facebook or Twitter. Not yet.”


“You need to get the girls into the bathroom, get into the cupboard in there – away from the mirrors and the shower. Take the tinned food in there, try and prop a mattress against the door. I’m coming home now. GO!”

I hung up the phone, tried to tear my eyes from the nightmare, from the sky, aflame.

 Image via The Daily Galaxy

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One thought on “The Sky, Aflame

  1. A terribly sad interpretation of the apocalypse. And you used your own name! That just makes it sadder and more real!

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