Another Sky Press: Alien Sky

Alien Sky Cover


Alien Sky is out today, the anthology that features my short story The Promise of ExtinctionThe Promise of Extinction is a realist Science Fiction story – an Armageddon comes plunging from the skies. Humanity’s finest hour or the final, chaotic death throes of civilisation? The anthology is made of dead trees, you guys – I’m pretty excited to be in a real book. If you’re interested in buying a copy (you know you want one) then you should head over to either the Another Sky Press: Alien Sky page (we get paid more if you do it this way) or to The Book Depository (you don’t need to pay postage. If you live outside the US the prices can get ridiculous) and you’ll get a shiny new paperback with gorgeous cover art. Delivered to your door! Go on, click the link – you’ve got $5.46 (from Alien Sky) or $17.28 (Book Depository) Tell me what you think!


Also, if you are a BeKindRewrite writer you can go back through Steph’s InMon prompt history and try to find the InMon prompts scattered liberally through the story…

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