The Inventor

“And here, gentlemen – I think you’ll rather like this,” his smile broadened, reaching out towards the thick, grey mutton chops riding high on his cheek-bones. “I call this new piece of machinery ‘Professor Haskin’s Mechanised Cloaking Device.'”

Those assembled grandees gasped, as dainty mechanical fingers flexed, gently draping an ermine cape over his shoulders. It was beautiful – it would revolutionise the least tiresome process of a gentleman’s dressage. Now to invent some sort of trouser bowser

Written (quickly) for one of this week’s InMon prompts: Cloaking Device.

Also, Steph, for some reason BeKindRewrite won’t let me post any comments…

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2 thoughts on “The Inventor

  1. Stephanie says:

    Charming. Also rather steampunk. A million awesome points for you!
    Oh no. I don’t know why you can’t comment! I’ll look into it. Thanks for telling me.

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