An Ounce of Courage

An ounce of courage.

Find the mouth

of a river

A river of wine.

An ounce of courage,


An ounce of courage,

a drunken promise:


An ounce of courage,

too young to live

a life free

of ambrosia.

Too young to live

without an ounce

of courage.

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16 thoughts on “An Ounce of Courage

  1. deanabo says:

    This is really good writing!

  2. Mikael says:

    When you kept saying “ounce,” I thought you meant hard liquor.

    • I was kinda riffing on that, what with the wine…we don’t really measure anything in Imperial units here, but yeah, that idea of liquid courage came into it.

      • Mikael says:

        Ah, I meant just because people don’t typically measure wine in ounces here (more like “a cup” or “half a cup”). But all shots are one ounce of liquor.

  3. I really like this! The rhythm of it is brilliant.

  4. kymminbarcelona says:

    Wonderfully fun play on words, especially the first half.

  5. Annabelle says:

    I like that not all the courage here is necessarily wise — but the courage of youth isn’t always smart, but part of what lets us grab onto life.

  6. Draug419 says:

    I love how this reads. There’s a beat to it that’s really cool (:

  7. I love this part: “a life free of ambrosia”. No one should have to go without the nectar of the gods. Vodka is just too good.

  8. barbara says:

    this is beautifully written.

  9. Carrie says:

    Nice flow 🙂 you have some fabulous imagery crafted with these words

  10. atrm61 says:

    True-without courage,life is not worth living-beautifully written:-)

  11. Liquid courage, we call it.

  12. A wild, desperate, careening mind fit into an elegant order.

  13. elmowrites says:

    Interesting theory – especially that last couple of lines. As someone else suggested, ounce might go better with spirits rather than wine, but maybe a river of whiskey would be a little crazy!!

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