SciFriday 04/01/13

So I recently decided to post a little Science Fiction themed picture out of the vast horde I’ve downloaded over the years. Henceforth, Fridays will be known as SciFridays. Go ahead, write a little something something – mine are only going to be of Twitter appropriate length (140 characters.) If you have a Twitter account, write along with the #SciFriday. If you’re not on Twitter, feel free to post in the comments section below or on your blog (but don’t forget to add your link!) If you “don’t write SciFi” then now is your chance. Try out a drabble or bit of flash! Anyway, without further ado, your SciFriday picture prompt:

Chinese propaganda poster

@chriswhitewrite (that’s me!)

Her eyes followed him across the plaza.



Scratch out her eyes.

They always replaced the posters overnight.


Stars above concrete skyscrapers draw comrades to the Oriental Madonna and the hope of the New Born King.


Tim giggles as Robo-Nanny flies across the city.

Reprograming her to ignore bed time was a snap.


Chocolate for dinner.


Muddled sunlight made a silhouette of the steel homes, stacked high into the sky. Their glass panes dimmed to maintain adequate light and temperature within.
“What shall we do today, Mummy?”

“You have school today.”

“I have school everyday!”

“And I have work everyday.”

A dark, iron tram made an abrupt stop outside their door. It was a long way down.

“Be good sweety.”

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2 thoughts on “SciFriday 04/01/13

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  2. oscarjamieson says:

    Also, awards! Not sure if you’ve got these yet, but I nominated you anyway.

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