ChrisWhiteWrites – A Year in Review


So, 2012, huh? There wasn’t some sort of Apocalypse/Rapture/Revolution that ended the world/cast the West backward into a new Dark Ages? No? Everyone’s fine and/or dandy?

Good. Glad to hear it! So, 2012…the first twelve months since I decided that maybe I should be a writer (Well, sixteen months, according to WordPress – I didn’t think it had been so long.) Anyway, sixteen months since I first decided that maybe I should write, because I read a lot, and they’re basically the same thing. Since I first decided to use my brain to try and earn some coin. 250 posts over the course of sixteen months, most of them fiction, with the occasional bit of poetry. 

In sixteen months I’ve read a lot of brilliant fiction, argued with a lot of quality writing advice and inter-met some great scribblers. Just a quick mention to some of my favourites (if you’re not on the list that doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I have a terrible memory and am just running out the names of some people): Love the Bad Guy, Oscar Jameison (who I know in real life!), Elmo Writes, Craig Towsley,  and Draug (she’s new to me, and excellent!) Oh, and did I mention I’m a bit on the lazy side? Five seems like a good number. I’ve also been inspired, week-in, week-out by some fantastic writing blogs, and five of those would seem to be in order, although most of you probably travel from one or the other of them (if you see one you don’t recognise, click over and check them out!): BeKindRewrite, Trifecta Writing Challenge, Friday Fictioneers (which has ended, sadly), Chuck Wendig’s weekly flash challenges and 3 Word Wednesday


In sixteen months I’ve written hundreds of flash pieces, countless ‘clever’ sentences that have then been discarded and a handful of poems. I’ve stared into the heart of my novella The Gods, They Feast on Men, and have realised why I don’t like it (it’s crap, the plot and storyline are all wrong – but don’t worry I’ve figured the whole thing out.) I grew a beard, and a handle bar moustache. I’ve had four short stories (well one was a drabble (written for the Literary Lagniappe Award, for which I won a bunch of groovy postcards (and if you want a postcard, click here))): Warning SignsThe Promise of Extinction (not out yet but will be soon,) Love in the Time of Supercolliders (again, not yet but will be soon,) and  CobblestonesI’ve also been working on a collection of comics (the birth of graphic-novel style short stories/flash fiction?) one of which is being drawn by a still secret Marvel artist, The Shadow Revolution: Maria’s Ghosts and there are four more books planned in that series. And with  a friend of mine (who is also a very talented artist) on a bunch of stand-alone graphic-flash comics, the first of which is called How Does Your Garden Grow. We’re looking at getting these out from January onward. Aaaaand, I’ve got another five stories out in the market, pending responses. Oh, side note – if you don’t use Duotrope you should probably get it, even though you will need to pay as of next year (totally worth it.)

Anyway, the point of this post. I’m going to have to wind back the posts here at ChrisWhiteWrites. Don’t go anywhere, cause it’s not like I’m quitting blogging or writing or anything like that. It’s more about time-management (another thing at which I am terribly unskilled.) I’m still going to be posting here, just not as frequently. In other words, I’m going to become a wee bit of a recluse. Maybe one story a week, maybe more when I can’t stand the sight of my own words, when I can’t quite handle the repetition of rewrites and need to unleash a bit of creativity. I’ve run up a deficit of long-short stories (you know: 1000 words +) that are in desperate need of editing and rewriting – I’ve got more than twenty on the books that need to be finished. And I now need to rewrite most of the novella. And hopefully write a romance novel I’ve been mulling over (The Raj’s Garden: it ticks the boxes for Forbidden Love, Mix Race Romance and Historical Fiction, so you know, Harlequin here I come.)

And I’d love to make an animated TV show, and maybe a short film. See how we go.

See you after the arbitrary date change! 

EDIT: I’ve just (this morning) had another piece accepted (This Old Man) for publication in Slit Your Wrists! Magazine sometime next year. Huzzah! It’s a bit risqué (in a Charles Bukowski kinda way), and I was worried it may never get published, so, success! 

EDIT II (ELECTRIC BOOGALOO): Friday Fictioneers isn’t dead! It’s moved HERE!

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5 thoughts on “ChrisWhiteWrites – A Year in Review

  1. Whew! You’ve had a very busy year. I have a lot of short stories that need to be reworked too, but I haven’t taken the time out to do that. Its on my list for next year. Good luck on all of your projects! Oh, and btw, the Friday Fictioneers haven’t ended, they just were put up for adoption (not that I didn’t love it, but time-management issues of my own made it necessary). Here they are:

    • Glad to hear that the Fictioneers are still going strong – I’ll have to add them into the rotation for next year’s flash! It can be so difficult to manage those things we love…especially when the weight of unfinished stories starts to stack up. Next year indeed. Thanks for everything Madison!

  2. Thanks for the mention! It’s been a pleasure to peruse your works, and I wish you the best of luck in your “off-blog” writings.

    And I think you’ve more than earned a break from near-every-day blogging — the fact that you’ve maintained a steady influx of posts for sixteen months is quite an accomplishment!

    Happy New Year, Chris! 😀

  3. oscarjamieson says:

    An animated show? Could this be the origin of Scribblin’ Chris and his dinosaur, Thesaurus?

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