A Police Action

Prophets and doomcasters will shout it, loud enough to be heard – even in their imaginary Heavens. And each time it’s late again. Each time the sky stayed, anchored against the howling poisonous beyond. Each time people swept up in their millions, desperate, trying not to cry out in the face of their beliefs – that enough is enough.

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Zheng heard their whispers, on street corners in passing, in cafes he lingered, eavesdropping, an accidental invitation, a deliberate intrusion.  He smiled, a predator set free on a game reserve. All teeth.


A harsh, alkaline taste scratched into his throat – the microphone was active. He lowered his nose to the brim of his Grande Mocha what-ever-the-hell-it-was. Something trendy, for someone else, for another man who wore Zheng’s skin. He had heard whispers in the market-place, an informant, scratching the pustules on his arms, desperate to avoid a night behind bars, a night spent forcibly freed of the laudanum poppy’s kiss.


The so-called “Future-music” played, already sounding dated. He stifled a laugh – how nearly had he blown his cover? Ridiculous. And yet the trifling still amused him. One for the debrief.


He drifted closer to the group, blending in seamlessly. He heard whispers of the “female Jesus,” promises of Mayan certainty.


The same lies viciously syndicated, identical. Decade after decade, the same hollow lies.


“Bear and the Eagle will unite against the Snake and the Dragon.” Iran had long been crushed, and China stood alone, the Bear and the Eagle ensnared in traps of their own design.


Prophecy was unscientific, untrustworthy.


He tongued the edge of his comms circuit, scraping above the crown of his molar.


“Declared enemies to the Party now under surveillance…”


Soon this evil cult would be destroyed. Almighty God?


Zhang knew it was time to put them to the test. To see how their all-powerful God would struggle against the strength of the Dragon.



Written before time ran out for the world, apparently, for this week’s InMon prompts, and for all you Mayan-suckers out there. And for those 1000-odd people who got arrested in China…

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4 thoughts on “A Police Action

  1. marc nash says:

    contains the best damn line I’ve read today: “The same lies viciously syndicated, identical.” that sir, is genius and I salute you for it.

  2. Some people will fall for the same thing over and over again.
    Great phrasing in here. The sky stayed. All teeth. Grande Mocha whatever-the-hell.

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