Warning Signs

It stood as a warning along the trail, offsetting the tranquility above, an idyllic scene cresting the hill.

Slow slivers of woodsmoke curled above the tree-line, betray the twin temptations of roasting pork and of a night spent warm -inside and undercover.

The barbed wire fence pushed downward too easily, the broken copse allowed me to approach unseen.

Or so I thought.

“Seems that cow skull ain’t warning enough,” he whispered the words into my ear, the cold kiss of steel his punctuation.

“Reckon a man’s head’ll do the trick well enough, though…”

Just a quick bit of flash fiction for a photo prompt I found in an online interview with Madison Woods on the INDTALE magazine website. The challenge is to write 100 words for the magazine, go and check it out!

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